There are over 7000 products in the GTN Tooling range. Below is a list of the main product categories, however, if you cannot see the product you are after, please email

Product Type


Angle Heads Madaula S.A.
Arbours Jimmore
Automotive Tooling LMT-Boehlerit, LMT-Kieninger
Carbide Burrs M.A. Ford
Carbide Countersinks M.A. Ford
Carbide Drills M.A. Ford
Carbide Endmills M.A. Ford, Sutton Tools
Carbide Reamers M.A. Ford
Carbide Wear Parts LMT-Boehlerit
Coolants Blaser Swisslube
Cutting Oils Blaser Swisslube

Cutting Tools

Gear Cutting Tools LMT-Fette
Die Mould Tooling LMT-Kieninger
ER Tooling System Jimmore
HSS Drills Sutton Tools
HSS Endmills Sutton Tools
HSS Reamers Sutton Tools
HSS Taps LMT-Fette, Sutton Tools
Hydraulic M/C Vise Jimmore
Live Tooling for CNC lathes Madaula S.A.
Lubricants Blaser Swisslube
Milling Cutters LMT-Boehlerit
Multi Spindle Heads Madaula S.A.
NC Spot Drill Jimmore
PCD & CBN Tooling LMT-Kieninger
Special Tooling LMT-Kieninger
Special Tools LMT-Fette, M.A. Ford
Spindle Speeders Madaula S.A.
Thread Rolling systems LMT-Fette
Toolholders LMT-Boehlerit, Jimmore
Toolholding LMT-Fette

Tooling for the steel industry


Tungsten Carbide Inserts